Devialet Phantom (750 Watt – 4500 Watt) Wireless Speaker Review

Have you ever imagined having the very best sound play back in your own home — a sound that produces absolutely no saturation, no distortion and no background noise?

Not only that, but it’s a portable, compact and wireless speaker.

Enter in… the Devialet Phantom wireless speaker.


This compact wireless speak is a remarkable and innovative piece of technology that claims to produce some of the best audio in the world and is protected by an amazing 102 patents that are exclusive to the Deviate company.

The Deviate Story

Every great product always has a great story — and the Deviate Phantom is no exception. It all started when the co-founders at Devialet set out to invent the “absolute perfect sound” found any where in the world.

That is a lofty goal!

But the founder, Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, a genius in his own rite and a successful engineer, took it on as a challenge. And though one would assume that the laws of acoustics were set in stone, Pierre-Emmanuel challenged those and proved that one could produce something even more ground breaking — the Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker. With the help and brilliant minds of 45 engineers and a millions of dollars in research, the French team delivered a product that met that dream.

Patented Inventions

A few of the primary audiophile inventions that are exclusive to the Devialet Phantom speakers are the Analog Digital Hybrid, Heart Bass Implosion and Active Cospherical Engine Loudspeaker. These technologies are what make Devialet stand out and give their signature sound.

ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid)

While most speakers will either choose a digital or analog amplification, with their patented technology, Devialet was able to combine these two technologies giving the speaker a much better clarity and transparency.


HBI (Heart Bass Implosion)

Low frequencies can be very difficult to emit from smaller and more compact systems like the Devialet Phantoms, but with their signature HBI (Heart Bass Implosion) technology, the engineers were able to produce sounds close to infrasound or 14Hz.

They are able to do this by implementing two hermetic woofers that have the ability to function under high pressure. In fact, the woofers are hermetically sealed at 1.2 tons of pressure. What probably makes one of the coolest feature, is how the woofers will pulse in and out during audio play. This is done with at least 66 pounds of force.

This, combined with the ADH technology allows the speaker to produce an ultra dense sound.

Check out this video to see the 66 pounds of force in action!

ACE (Active Cospherical Engine Loudspeaker)

When it came to engineering, everything was rethought  — but they also learned from some of the best in the field. Inspired by the thrusting sphere of Olson, which is said to be the perfect acoustical shape, they implemented Harry Olson’s principles in their design. This enables the listener to have a great listening experience, no batter what angle the speaker is at.

In addition to these technologies, they’ve also implemented Devialet’s signature SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology which basically enables them to better match what was recorded in the studio to the speakers.

Technology & Sound

Being able to enjoy music from all ranges is no problem, as these portable compact speakers can deliver audio in the low basses as far at 14Hz and in the high ranges as high a 27hz — all while delivering a beautiful sound with no distractions.

The Devialet Speakers are available in three different versions; the 750 watt, 3,000 watt and the amazing 4,500 watt giving you up to 108db.

When it comes to the actual audio coming out of these speakers, you will be “blown away.” No, but seriously, the bass on these things can go so low, that it may affect physical objects around you!

But with that being said, they also offer some of the best sound you can imagine, especially for such a small, compact unit.

It features a great amount of clarity, dynamic expression and even the smallest details of those violin movements and notes on the piano. In fact, one review remarked that these speakers provided the kind of quality you might find in a high end audiophile pair of headphones.

The owners and even reviewers claim that music you’ve listened to many times, will take on a whole new light once played through the Phantoms.


When it comes to design, this Phantom stands out as a unique sphere that many may find very “space” like. And while it is considered a portable unit, it’s military grade design comes in at 26 pounds. Probably not perfect for moving around all the time, but it definitely can still be considered portable. It measures in at 13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches. It will fit beautifully in just about any room with it’s modern and sleek design.


Devialet’s Phantom Spark app enables you to control all the functions like Multi-Room, Play/Pause and control of other local devices. It is available for download on the following platforms: Apple, Android, MAC OS and Windows 7.

With the Spark app you also have the ability to play music not only from your own library, but from your friends and family. You can even build shared playlists from multiple devices.

Being able to control up to 24 phantoms may be over kill, but knowing you can have that level of control is good to know — even if you just have a few for each room. Having a multi-room function also allows you to play the same music throughout your home or play different tracks in individual rooms.

Another great features of the Devialet Phantoms is their ability to automatically upgrade. You never have to worry about having the best updated software. This all comes free with the purchase of your speaker.


While even owning one Phantom is a beautiful experience, having a second one to fill that other side of the room or give a more “surround sound” feeling is the way to go. It uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or Ethernet technology to sync your devices. You may also want to check out the Remote that you can add as an option giving you more control.


Dialog Hub

In order to extend the ability to play more than one speaker you’ll need Devialet’s signature Dialog hub. This hub not only let’s you sync more than one speaker, but it offers a great number of other great features like multi-room function, a simpler installation process, a strong signal strength, and if you’d like to take the speaks out to the pool you’ll even have the ability to play your music or audio outside of WiFi range.

Dialog also let you play from some of the popular HD music streaming services like Spotify.


Dialog comes with a 4 core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage. Adding Dialog is liking making your regular TV a “smart” TV. You’ll love the added functionality that Dialog gives you, especially if you plan on doing some multi-room setups.

Pros & Cons


  • No distortion (no matter the volume)
  • One of the best compact speakers in terms of Bass
  • Two Year Warranty


  • There has been a history of connectivity issues. Hopefully with future upgrades they will work through it.
  • No EQ control
  • While many of the sound aspects are incredible, certain music as shown to get a bit “muddied.”



While the Devialet’s Phantom Speaker does come in at a larger price tag, if you’re looking for a high quality multi-room speaker systems, then you’ve likely already looked at some higher price tags. For the size, price and it’s signature technology – it should definitely be at the top of your  list.